General Hospital's James Patrick Stuart Defends Valentin Cassadine

Soap fans knew that it was only a matter of time before Sasha and Valentin's lie was exposed on General Hospital and Nina would learn the truth about the woman she thought was her long-lost daughter. Of course, Nina believed Valentin's claim that he was innocent in the scheme, which means even further heartbreak for her down the road when she learns the whole truth. But like many Gh viewers, James Patrick Stuart loves his multifaceted alter ego. "Valentin Cassadine fascinates me," he mused on Instagram. "It's fair to say he's a lying liar who hurts those closest to him. As an actor, I can't play that. "I see a man who was damaged very young," Stuart continued. "No mother, thrown away by his father and ignored by society due to physical abnormality. A complete lack of love. Now, even with it staring him in the face, he is incapable of genuine intimacy.
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