Supernatural Season 15 Episode 2 Review: Raising Hell

The Winchesters have to deal with Jack the Ripper amassing forces against them on Supernatural season 15.




This Supernatural review contains spoilers.

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 2

It’s not often we see a regular episode of Supernatural pick up where the previous one left off -- that’s usually reserved for season finales. In this case we see Sam, Dean, Cas, and Not-Jack (Belphegor - but who is going to remember that name?) still in the quarantined town, trying to hold things together until they can figure out a plan against the ghost and demon horde banding together outside. By the end of the episode, it doesn’t appear like the boys might not be leaving just yet. The crack in Hell is still spewing countless foes for them, and they need a solid plan.

My complaint last episode was that the ghosts weren’t acting like ghosts. In fact,
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