Film Review: ‘Lucky Day’

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Film Review: ‘Lucky Day’
It’s been 17 long years since “Rules of Attraction” director Roger Avary has released a film, during which time he was involved in a deadly car crash, charged with gross vehicle manslaughter, saw a work furlough translated into actual prison time, and watched things go south with Video Archives amigo Quentin Tarantino over the “Pulp Fiction” credit fiasco. Those are setbacks that might break the spine of a lesser scribe, but in Avary’s case, it seems to have strengthened his resolve to write — although until now, virtually nothing has been produced to show for it. Not for lack of trying. Some people are good at directing movies, and others are good at getting movies to direct. Avary hustled a number of projects, and somehow, “Lucky Day” was the first to get made.

The movie marks a curious comeback, . Where Avary’s other films have innovated and unsettled, this one’s clever but safe,
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