CBS Hit With $1M Discrimination & Retaliation Suit By Former Finance Executive

  • Deadline
Moving ever closer to its reunion with Viacom, CBS today finds its corporate culture again in the spotlight with a $1 million-plus discrimination and retaliation lawsuit from the company’s former director of international treasury.

Mexican national and green card holder Maria Solache held the pivotal currency trading gig at CBS from 2014-18. Let go for a very short stint in 2015 due to an immigration snafu, Solache even saw a 44% pay raise when the company was being probed by the Obama administration’s Department of Labor — not that the raise from around $160,000 to $227,000 or the finance exec’s permanent employment lasted long, it seems.

“The essence of Ms. Solache’s claim is that Defendant treated her differently from other employees, underpaid her because of her national origin, failed to give her a title or salary commensurate with her position and responsibilities, and, when Ms. Solache questioned the manner in which she was being treated,
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