My Favorite Year

My Favorite Year

Blu ray

Warner Archive

1982/ 1.85:1 / 92 min.

Starring Peter O’Toole, Mark Linn-Baker, Joe Bologna

Directed by Richard Benjamin

Nat King Cole’s shimmering version of Stardust, Rockefeller Plaza surrounded by wide-brimmed hats and two-toned Buicks – the first three minutes of My Favorite Year invoke the past with such ease that Proust might applaud.

Sentimental as they are, the sights and sounds of 1954 foreshadow something more significant in the zeitgeist – the era when television was on the rise and Hollywood’s star system was headed in the opposite direction.

Richard Benjamin’s 1982 comedy opens with the camera gliding by the sleek deco marquee of Radio City Music Hall where Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was the summer showcase – on Broadway the Rivoli was flogging the “right at you” thrills of House of Wax. One film in CinemaScope and four track stereo, the other in 3-D – each designed to lure
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