Film Review: Will Smith in ‘Gemini Man’

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Film Review: Will Smith in ‘Gemini Man’
Sharpshooter assassin Henry Brogan is 51 years old. Time to call it quits, he figures, popping the 72nd kill of his career from what looks to be at least a mile away. Only Brogan can make a shot like that. But his conscience is starting to catch up with him and now he’s going to retire, build birdhouses back home in Georgia, or whatever movie characters plan to do in their pension years. Seems like a waste of a very specific talent, but don’t worry. Before Brogan can attend his first Bingo night, the agency that employed him sends the highest-concept killer imaginable to wipe him out: Junior, a quarter-century younger clone of Brogan.

In theory, “Gemini Man” offers quite the novelty, a chance to witness an older A-list star (Will Smith) face off against a deadly computer-generated version of himself. In practice, it’s been a nearly impossible project to get made,
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