Titans Showrunner Talks Bringing the Team Home in Season 2

Aaron Sagers Sep 19, 2019

Titans showrunner Greg Walker discusses Titans season 2, moving the action to San Francisco, and yes the very good boy Krypto.

As Jason Todd aptly put it, Titans are back, bitches. Following a season 2 premiere that wrapped up the Rachel/Trigon storyline, the season seemed to truly begin last week. The story skipped ahead three months, introducing a new direction for the show where Dick Grayson is training his young recruits, Donna and Kory are super-sleuthing, and Hank and Dawn are trying out the quiet life on a Wyoming ranch.

“We launched into a new chapter of Titans 2.0,” says Greg Walker, showrunner for the DC Universe streaming series. But whatever relative peace our heroes might have hoped for faded quickly as specters from Titans' past began to emerge. And this, said Walker, is where season 2 will continue, which becomes especially evident in this week’s episode, “Ghosts.”

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