23 Actors Saddled with Terrible Roles

Whether it's finding they're on a losing show or that the part they're playing on an otherwise decent show just doesn't suit them, sometimes actors get a bum deal.

Yep, this slideshow comes after the fiasco that was True Detective. Those actors got a bum rap if ever we saw one.

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Maybe the role looked great on paper, and it's not living up to the expectations set when the actor signed on. Or maybe the actor loves the work they're doing and the delivery just isn't up to par.

Who knows? All we know is when we watch(ed) these 23 actors in these particular roles, we know they're destined for better things.

Agree or disagree?

1. Halle Berry - Molly Woods on Extant Yes, Halle Berry mentioned that television is the new frontier in entertainment, but it doesn't appear she's going to get there,
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