All hail Tina Fey: the funniest comic of the 21st century

From skewering Sarah Palin to handing us Liz Lemon on 30 Rock, here are 10 of the SNL legend’s most hilarious moments

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A nice girl with an anarchic bent and a tongue as sharp as a boning knife, Tina Fey has dominated sketch comedy (as the head writer on Saturday Night Live), network comedy (30 Rock), and streaming comedy (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), while writing a bestseller on the side. She has killed the women-aren’t-funny argument, then poisoned it, beat it, shot it several times, rolled it in a carpet and left it to drown. And, if her complicated feminism isn’t always sisterly, she makes sure that women get the airtime and the punchlines. Some of her jokes are brutal, some are outrageous, but she has a particular gift for frothing neurosis – loneliness, low self-worth, free-floating anxiety – into extravagant laughs. Here are 10 examples of Fey at her funniest…
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