Opinionated: Why Do We Love Seeing 80s Nostalgia in TV and Movies?

  • Nerdly
Stranger Things is a good example of the use of that feeling of nostalgia selling a show or film. I mean, the Netflix Original program is a huge hit, and a good part of that is because of the nostalgic brilliance of it. Whether it’s New Coke, Back to the Future, 80s Horror, fashion, music or slang words, the show nails that aspect and people have been eating it up since it debuted.

It’s not on its own either. There’s been a lot of movies and shows that have thrown us back to the 1980s in various ways, bringing memories from that decade with them. We’ve seen television shows like the aforementioned Stranger Things, and The Goldbergs, take pop-culture and lifestyle in the 80s and bring it back to modern day. We’ve seen movies, like It and Summer of ’84, do the same thing inside the horror universe.
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