Brad Pitt’s 10 Best Performances

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Brad Pitt’s 10 Best Performances
This shouldn’t be news to anyone by now, but Brad Pitt is having a bit of a year. We probably should have seen it coming — after all, this is a guy who’s never been satisfied with his own legend.

After emerging as a sex symbol and exploding to become one of the movies’ biggest names, Pitt could have run out the clock as a fading star who showed up to collect a check whenever the price was right. But towards the end of the last century, it started to become clear that he wasn’t interested in being remembered as a tabloid cover model. Roles in films like “True Romance” and “Se7en” revealed a curious actor who was happy to test the boundaries of his talent, and his work in “Fight Club” and “Ocean’s Eleven” found him weaponizing his star power in arrestingly different ways. The parts
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