Review: Dark Phoenix

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The Dark Phoenix storyline is revered by creators and fans alike, yet twice now it has failed to work as a feature film. The main reason is because a two-hour film isn’t long enough to deal with the cosmic forces in play or the corruption of Jean Grey. Remember, the story effectively began in X-Men #101 (1976) and concluded in issue #137 four years later.

Simon Kinberg’s script uses the space shuttle incident and Phoenix force to kick off the film, currently title Dark Phoenix, but the slow infusion of cosmic force and human psyche has little time to manifest. What the force is gets very little explanation, including why it was contained within a human form (Sophie Turner).

As she’s evolving, everyone else is going about their business with Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Beast (Nicholas Hoult) beginning to wonder about their place on the team and at Charles Xavier’s school.
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