Evil Review (Spoiler-Free)

Yeah, the truth is probably out there, and Evil may provide answers to questions they didn't ask on The X-Files.




This Evil review contains no spoilers.

CBS's new paranormal investigative series Evil may not be the next X-Files, but it is a solid offering of unstable elements. It bills itself as a psychological mystery series which uses science and religion to explore the origins of evil, but it also promises to give an opened eyed glimpse into divine inspirations. The first episode looks at a serial killer, the second examines a miracle. There is inherent good and evil in both.

The series is about a skeptical psychologist who is recruited by a Roman Catholic priest-in-training to investigate a backlog of unexplained mysteries which have been brought to the church for classification. Petitions for exorcisms alone run into the thousands. Pleas for miracles or intervention threaten to morph into chain mail.
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