‘Daybreak’ First Trailer: The Apocalypse Turns High School Into a Stylish Survival Game in Netflix Series

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High school is tough enough as it is. “Daybreak,” a new Netflix series launching next month, takes a look at what might happen if you added the apocalypse on top of it.

The 10-episode season centers on the students and staff of Glendale High School, who after an ominous and dangerous mushroom cloud, are thrust into a barren wasteland with different warring tribes trying to control life in the aftermath. As the teaser trailer for the series shows, much of the same divisions that haunted these students in a time before nuclear annihilation still stick around as everyone scavenges for dwindling supplies.

Told with a wink and a nod to the tropes of post-apocalyptic stories, “Daybreak” still keeps some of the attitude of a high school-set comedy. Part of the fun of the show seems to be watching which groups can keep the upper hand as things get even more serious.
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