10 Best Episodes Of Galavant (According To IMDb)

Galavant is a musical fantasy comedy show that's as campy as it is fun. It only lasted two seasons and originally aired to serve as the replacement for Once Upon A Time during its mid-season hiatus.

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The show always felt better than it had any right to be. Part of that definitely came from the story's self-aware nature that often poked fun at itself and the conventions of the medieval fantasy genre. Galavant embraced its campiness, all while delivering a surprisingly engaging story filled with hilarious musical numbers, plot twists, and even some compelling character arcs.

Underappreciated by many, it's as good a time as ever to look back at this gem of a show. Ratings of each episode on IMDb reflect the those that proved to be the very best in the show's 18-episode run.

Burst into song
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