Film Review: The Way We Are (2008) by Ann Hui

In a style very close to the one of documentaries, Ann Hui takes a look at life in Tin Shui Wai, an area in the New Territories which was built in the 80s for the poorest Hong Kong inhabitants, and soon became a ghetto, filled with stories of crime, violence and tragedy in general. The tabloids picked up quickly and the area was frequently present in the news, which referred to it as “city of sadness”, focusing on all the “sad” events that took place there. Hui, on the other hand, chooses to show a more “normal” side of the area.

“The Way We Are” screened at Five Flavours

Cheung is a middle-aged widow, who works in a supermarket in order to support herself and her son Ka-on, who is spending his time doing nothing, just expecting the results of his exams. Cheung soon befriends Ms Kwai, an older woman
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