Here's the Scoop on the Real Women Who Inspired Hustlers

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What you probably already know: Hustlers is an incredible movie with an incredibly stacked cast. What you may not already know: Hustlers is actually based on a true story. Inspired by journalist Jessica Pressler's 2015 article published in The Cut, "The Hustlers at Scores," Hustlers closely follows the real-life hustle of Roselyn Keo and Samantha Barbash, who are fictionalized in the film as Dorothy/Destiny and Ramona Vega and played by Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez, respectively. Together, the former strip club employees swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Wall Street's (oftentimes married) elite with a plan that involved drugging strip club regulars, stealing their credit cards, and turning a huge profit. Even if the men realized what they had done, they would never file a formal complaint for fear their wives would find out about their late-night activities.

Rather than sleeping with clients themselves, Keo and Barbash
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