Full Trailer for 'The Shining' Sequel 'Doctor Sleep' with Ewan McGregor

"Come play with us forever and ever." Warner Bros has debuted the full-length official trailer for Doctor Sleep, the adaptation of Stephen King's sequel to his original novel "The Shining". The first teaser arrived earlier in the summer, but this looks even more creepy and thrilling with tons of fresh footage. Doctor Sleep is both written and directed by Mike Flanagan, of "The Haunting of Hill House" fame and Gerald's Game. Set years after the events of The Shining, Ewan McGregor stars as an adult Danny Torrance, a man with psychic powers known as "the shining". The cast includes Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat, head of the True Knot, a cult that feeds on children with these powers; Kyliegh Curran, Bruce Greenwood, Zahn McClarnon, Emily Alyn Lind, Jocelin Donahue, Jacob Tremblay, Carl Lumbly (playing the same cook played by Scatman Crothers in The Shining), plus Alex Essoe as Wendy Torrance,
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