No.7 Cherry Lane | 2019 Toronto Intl. Film Festival Revew

Remembrance of Things Cats: Yonfan Sketches a Rebellious Love Letter in Animated Debut

The multifaceted Yonfan returns to feature filmmaking for the first time in a decade with an audacious departure–his animated debut, the erotic period piece No.7 Cherry Lane. After becoming a famous celebrity photographer in 1970s Hong Kong, Yonfan has charted a multifaceted filmography, his early works featuring the likes of Maggie Cheung and Chow-yun Fat, while 1998’s Bishonen was a groundbreaking Chinese depiction of an explicitly homosexual relationship. Yonfan continues mining historical narrative possibilities with his latest, which explores complex sexualities through period lens, not unlike 2001’s thirties set The Peony Pavilion and the forties/fifties placed Prince of Tears (2009).…
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