Rob Liefeld Says Superman Is Boring And Current DC Comics Should Be Vaporized

By now, I’m pretty sure you’re well aware of how opinionated Rob Liefeld can be. In his defense, he has every right to express his views online and has been in the comic book industry for decades. Given the latter point, people are bound to listen whenever Deadpool’s co-creator speaks up – it’s just that he sometimes rubs folks the wrong way.

To be fair, I do like Rob, even if I disagree with some of the comments we’re here to discuss today. It seemed like this all stemmed from concern involving the corporate shuffling over at Warner Bros. and AT&T, but then it snowballed from there.

Before long, Liefeld let the Twitterverse know about his current thoughts regarding DC Comics and Superman as a whole, first saying the following about the publisher itself:

“Time for new Crisis at DC….just vaporize it and begin again.
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