The 100: Lindsey Morgan on Raven's Season 6 Loss, Her Happiness, and More

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The 100 wouldn't exist in the space that it does if not for the iconic Raven Reyes, a part of the legacy that the show prepares to leave behind during it's seventh and final season. 

Lindsey Morgan took on the role of Raven Reyes in the first season, and since then has continued to showcase the strength and the courage that comes with the character that we all know and love.

She has approached the role with such skill and such talent, demonstrating how a fan-favorite character is created based on putting emotion and soul into each individual scene. 

Coming off of The 100 Season 6, Raven has suffered some more loss and has had some anxiety-ridden challenges throughout Sanctum. From saving the people that she cares about to trying to hold on to her humanity, there is plenty still left undone moving into the last season of The 100.

While the show
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