Richard Linklater Developing Another Years Long Epic with Musical Merrily We Roll Along to Be Shot Over the Next 20 Years

Richard Linklater set an unusual precedent when the 2014 film Boyhood came out. It was a film he had worked on for twelve years, telling the story of a boy, his sister, his parents, and the world around him. It was a great movie, and the most interesting part was how he chose to tell the story. Instead of casting multiple people to play each role, or use makeup to age an adult in the film, he simply shot the film over a twelve year period. So when it was all said and done, you watched those characters grow upon the screen. It was really cool. It’s more of a gamble to do a film this way, but I think it’s a pretty cool payoff with the end result. He’s now taking on a project with the same format, but this time, it’s even more ambitious.

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