Luke Hemsworth in Official Trailer for Indie Sci-Fi Thriller 'Encounter'

"We need to contain this." Vega Baby has released an official trailer for the indie sci-fi thriller Encounter, which is being released straight-to-vod at the start of October. This premiered at the Other Worlds Austin Film Festival last year, but hasn't played at any other fests - which is not a good sign. It's about a group of friends who uncover an alien object in a rural field, which they learn holds great secrets. The object attaches itself to one of them, but what is it doing to him? Starring Luke Hemsworth (not to be confused with his brothers Chris and Liam), with Anna Hutchison, Glenn Keogh, Christopher Showerman, Vincent M. Ward, Cheryl Texiera, and Tom Atkins. Looks as bad as it sounds, but maybe it's still a fun B-movie. Here's the full official trailer (+ two posters) for Paul Salamoff's Encounter, direct from YouTube: A group of friends
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