10 Things About Starship Troopers That Haven't Aged Well

From the director of such great satirical science fiction films as Robocop and Total RecallStarship Troopers is about Earth's fighting elite protecting the planet from an infestation of alien bugs. It starred a bunch of young and impossibly pretty people, predicted that we'd all be living in a Utopian society, and posited that fanatical nationalism would help us win the war on bug terrorism.

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When it premiered in 1997, the public had already had their fill of science fiction films involving extra-terrestrial invaders with Men in Black and Independence Day. They didn't warm to Starship Troopers, despite the fact that it has to this day some of the most amazing CGI aliens on screen. We're not going to discuss the minutiae of bug CGI, however, but rather the aspects of the film that didn't age gracefully, like the weak plot, and the made-for-tv
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