Killers Anonymous: Has the Hollywood hitman had its day?

The besuited assassin seems to only exist in films. Perhaps it’s time to put them out of their misery

The central gimmick of new movie Killers Anonymous is an AA-style support group where various underworld assassins come to “share”. That’s about all it has to bring to this flagging party, other than underlining how utterly divorced the movies’ concept of the “hitman” has become from reality. The world is tragically full of gun violence and targeted assassinations, but the perpetrators are rarely cool international assassins who make a clean shot from a rooftop far away, or walk away from explosions without turning round (thus making it painfully obvious that they’re the culprit!). And yet these characters have become a tiresome fixture of modern moviegoing. Someone needs to take them out.

Where Killers Anonymous assembles a motley group of recovering assassins (including Gary Oldman and Jessica Alba), we
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