‘Crawl’ Review: Dir. Alexandre Aja (2019)

Paramount Pictures

Headstrong Hayley (Kaya Scodelario) gets a call during her swim team practice from her sister who is worried about their father (Barry Pepper). There’s a big storm, Hurricane Wendy, headed his way and she hasn’t been able to reach him. In a bid to put her sister’s mind at rest, Hayley offers to make the two-hour drive (in the storm) to check on daddy dearest, a man she hasn’t spoken to in a while. Once home, it quickly becomes apparent that all is not well at the homestead after she discovers her father injured in the crawlspace underneath the house. Whilst trying to drag him to safety, she discovers that they aren’t alone down there and that a vicious alligator is the perpetrator of dad’s injuries. The estranged father and daughter must then work together to survive not only the storm outside,
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