Birds Of Prey Reshoots Adding A Scene To Connect To The Suicide Squad

As you’re probably familiar with by now, Birds of Prey is currently undergoing reshoots. This follows a lot of negative press surrounding the film, with claims that Warner Bros. wasn’t pleased with the initial cut and that Ewan McGregor’s Black Mask could be portrayed as an offensive stereotype. Sticking to the facts, though, we don’t know exactly how extensive the reshoots will be, but We Got This Covered has heard of at least one thing that’ll be changed.

We’ve been informed by our sources that the reshoots will contain an additional scene at the end of the movie that will line it up with The Suicide Squad. Our intel doesn’t go so far as to say exactly what this sequence will be, but we can speculate that it’ll explain how Harley ends up back under the thumb of Amanda Waller and as
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