Star Trek: The 10 Biggest Voyager Twists and Reveals, Ranked

The unique and compelling writing of the Star Trek: The Original Series is what gave the show a dedicated fan following. The early series didn't have much going for it as far as special effects or even a costuming budget, but some great storytelling made up for those shortfalls. These often included twist endings that relied on a conclusion that subverted the audience's expectations. Enemies become allies, the hunter becomes the hunted, or things are not as they appear to be.

Star Trek: Voyager started with an interesting plot twist in the very first episode that set the tone and stakes for the rest of the series. Like it or hate it, Janeway and her crew took us to some interesting places that challenged our assumptions. Here are ten of the biggest twists and reveals that took place during the seven-year mission of the USS Voyager.
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