New Doom: Annihilation Trailer Shows Off Hordes Of Imps

Let’s face it, Doom: Annihilation isn’t going to be very good. First came the extremely dodgy-looking stills, then the cheap-looking trailer and the revelation that the movie was headed straight-to-video. But none of that means it couldn’t be a lot of cheesy fun to enjoy whilst drunk, right?

After all, if the flick can capture even a smidge of the pleasure of sprinting through the halls of hell clutching a super shotgun and dispatching waves of imps, pinkies and cacodemons, then it should at least be entertaining. We hope.

Now, a new teaser for the movie shows that someone has at least been paying attention to the original game. Beginning with an establishing shot of a colony on a moon of Mars that resembles the interstitial screens of Doom, we get to see a number of imps. These spiky, fireball throwing bad guys are classic Doom enemies,
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