Frasier: 10 Season 1 Jokes Everyone Completely Missed

When Frasier began in 1994, no-one could have predicted its success. Would the same audience that loved the raucous cast of colorful characters on Cheers follow stuffy psychiatrist Frasier Crane when he moved to Seattle?  Would they tune into his domestic woes involving his curmudgeonly ex-cop father living in his apartment? As it turned out, they would tune in for eleven years and help Frasier collect a staggering 37 Emmy nominations.

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The first season laid the groundwork for the dynamic wit and complex storytelling that would become the gold standard of the show. However, some of the more highbrow humor for which Frasier has become known went right over viewers' heads. Here are 10 jokes from Season 1 you may have missed!
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