Review: "Alice, Sweet Alice" (Aka "Communion") (1975) Starring Brooke Shields; Arrow Blu-ray Special Edition

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By Todd Garbarini

Alfred Sole is a production designer who has carved out a nice career for himself in Hollywood, most notably on the television shows Veronica Mars (2004-7), Castle (2009-16), and the reboot of MacGyver (2017-18). Long before he chose that line of work however, he dabbled in the world of film directing. His first film, a 1972 hardcore sex “comedy” called Deep Sleep, which was financed on a bet, must be seen to be believed. He apparently made a follow-up film after that called American Soap which to my knowledge has never seen the light of day. I would be very interested in seeing the latter as despite a few flourishes of cinematic style and several humorous sequences involving dialogue, the former is just a hardcore sex romp featuring folks no one in their right mind would want to see naked, let alone copulating. I only mention it because there is nothing,
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