General Hospital Softball Trading Cards — Collect Them All!

This summer, General Hospital has pitted characters against each other in softball games where the teams are made up of employees of local businesses like Corinthos Coffee, the Pcpd, Elq, The Invader, and Aurora Media. The first game was held on July 18, where Elq went up against the Pcpd. Willow was there to cheer on boyfriend Chase, and Sasha took Michael home after Chase accidentally hit him in the ribs with a rogue pitch! (Photo Credit: Facebook) Then, on Aug. 14, Jason and Sam were suited up to play for Corinthos Coffee, but in that episode the battle was between Aurora Media and The Invader. Peter and Obrecht cried foul when Dustin arrived to play for Aurora, but Jax quickly hired him as the company driver, making him an official employee. Lulu was originally going to be a cheerleader, but after making a friendly (and flirty) bet with Dustin, decided to play after all.
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