‘Pemulwuy’ biopic will salute an Indigenous hero

(L-r) Jon Bell, Catriona McKenzie and Andrew Dillon (Photo credit: Mark Rogers).

To his direct descendants and the wider Aboriginal community, Pemulwuy, Australia’s first Indigenous resistance fighter, was a martyr, a leader, a patriot and a warrior.

Putting the man and his deeds in a contemporary context, writer Jon Bell says: “If Australia was invaded tomorrow and one man managed to keep those invading forces confined to the city areas for 10 years, he would be enshrined in Australian lore and there would be a national holiday.”

Bell is part of a creative team of leading black and white figures who are preparing a biopic on Pemulwuy, a member of the Bidjigal clan who led the opposition to British forces’ attempts to take over traditional hunting grounds from the early years of the colony until he was shot dead in 1802.

Phillip Noyce, who has wanted to tell this story for
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