Star Trek Tng: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Theme Song And Intro

From the moment your eyes settle on the vast expanse of stars, the first ambient sounds hit your ears, and you hear the mellifluous voice of Sir Patrick Stewart's cadence reciting, "Space: the final frontier..." you prepare your senses for the first thrilling notes of one of the most recognizable theme songs of all time. With much fanfare, the theme for Star Trek: The Next Generation sends your senses on an adventurous march through space, the Enterprise-d shooting across the title sequence with each blast from the brass, each flurry of the harp, and each pounding of the percussion.

Longtime Star Trek fans will recognize it as one of the franchise's most definitive pieces of music, able to instantly transport them to an emotional state of nostalgia. It's selection as the theme song for the first new Star Trek television series since the original premiered was not an easy one,
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