Star Trek Voyager: 5 Times Janeway Was the Best Captain (And 5 Times She Was the Worst)

The iconic captains of the Star Trek universe each have their own claim to fame. Captain Kathryn Janeway guided Star Trek: Voyager home from the remote and unexplored Delta Quadrant, making her one of the most experienced and intrepid of all our favorite Starfleet officers. She escaped from deep-space anomalies that would have made Captain Kirk reach for a glass of Romulan ale.

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That doesn't mean that Captain Janeway also didn't make some huge mistakes. In fact, she has a reputation for making decisions that appear to be inconsistent. Is that because of the circumstances surrounding the journey of Voyager, or is it just random good days and bad days? Here are five times Janeway was the best captain in the Star Trek universe, and five times she totally lost us.
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