'Manmadhudu 2' review: Nagarjuna's romcom blows hot and cold

TollywoodThe film has its moments but holds itself back too much and Nagarjuna's character, especially, needs more work.Krishna SripadaTo set the record straight, Manmadhudu 2, despite the title which evokes memories of the cult hit predecessor, is a Rahul Ravindran movie, and it has the Chi La Sow vibes - women who are not mere caricatures, no misogynistic jokes, no cheap thrills or crassness. The only problem is how the film was marketed. It is not really a love story of an older man and a younger woman, to begin with. Manmadhudu 2, the remake of a French film, is about Samba Siva Rao (Nagarjuna), a perfumer (brownie points for creativity in profession) beyond his middle age, who doesn't believe in marriage, just flings. But, he is pressured by his three sisters and mom (Lakshmi) to enter wedlock, given he is well past his prime. In order to solve the problem,
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