Star Trek Documentary Goes Behind the Scenes of Deep Space Nine

Ryan Britt Aug 7, 2019

Ira Steven Behr’s Star Trek labor of love is finally available to the general public. Here’s what you need to know...

If you’re a hardcore Trekkie, you probably already know about What We Left Behind; the crowd-funded documentary that looks back on the legacy of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. And if, you don’t, the best way to describe the doc is that it’s a snapshot of a particular fandom, curated by someone who helped create that fandom in the first place.

Producer and showrunner Ira Steven Behr wasn’t the creator of Deep Space Nine (that would be Rick Berman and the late Michael Piller), but, he certainly is the biggest advocate of the series these days. In What We Left Behind (a riff on the show’s series finale titled “What You Leave Behind"), Behr interviews the expansive cast, crew,
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