Passport to Summer: Perfect Tiki Movies and Tiki Drinks Pairings

Aaron Sagers Aug 5, 2019

Cocktail masters pair exotic drinks with their favorite Tiki movies. Here's what to watch while you drink.

For some, summer is a time of sweet rum drinks with tiny umbrellas and exotic-sounding names. For Tiki culture enthusiasts though, the luau is year-round and liquid aloha fills glasses in a precise combination of quality booze, fresh juices, ingredients almost entirely reserved for these cocktails, and even ice specifications.

But Tiki is more than a cocktail culture populated by Zombies, Mai Tais, Painkillers, Singapore Slings, Fog Cutters, Scorpion Bowls, Blue Hawaiians, and the like—an extended family of colorful drinks fathered in 1930s California by the likes of Donn Beach and Trader Vic.

Tiki culture is an aesthetic, a state of mind, and a way of life inspired by factual (and at times culturally appropriated) visions of Polynesia and larger Oceania, as well as the Caribbean. Summed up thusly
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