Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Easter Eggs and Reference Guide

David Crow Aug 17, 2019

We try to list and explain as many easter eggs and 1960s pop culture references as we can after viewing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood once.

This article contains major Once Upon a Time in Hollywood spoilers.

In many ways, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood feels like the movie Quentin Tarantino has been building to over the last decade. A picture that takes his usual giddy historical revisionism trick and adds a wistful layer of melancholy and elegiac fear about the setting of the sun, this is a movie obsessed with the past and future, including Tarantino’s early personal history (he was six-years-old in the summer of ’69) and the tomorrow that is yet to come for his career.

Still, cast all that aside, and what remains is a heartfelt love letter to 1960s Hollywood and all the groovy things we’ve lost from that time of flower power,
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