Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Ambo

Wow. J. You just blew my mind.

It was a long time coming, and I can't say I'm sad, but J stepped up his game on Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 8 when he took care of business in the worst way possible.

Goodbye, Mia. It was nice knowing you.

J blowing away Mia was shocking. But, and I'm not ashamed to say this, I cheered when he did.

Did anyone else think he didn't have it in him?

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I sure didn't. But he did. At least it appears that he did. 

He freaked out afterward, so let's go with it and not the possibility that he spared Mia in some way and tricked Pete.

And if he could kill Mia, he won't have any problems killing anyone else who pisses him off or gets in his way.

The strange thing about J,
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