‘Impact Wrestling: Bash at The Brewery 2019′ Review

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Welcome to this review of Impact Wrestling’s Bash at The Brewery 2019, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have an entire show held in a brewery. I don’t know why they went for this, but I guess Madison Square Garden isn’t returning their calls. This could be a very interesting venue to wrestle in, as long as everybody resists the urge to have a beer bash battle royal. Okay, let’s watch a bunch of drunks watch some people pretend to beat the snot out of each other at $30 a pop.

Match #1: The Rascalz beat Matthew Palmer, “DirtyAndy Dalton & Steve O Reno – 6 Man Tag Team Match

This had some nice action, but so does an episode of Family Guy (chicken fight). There was nothing bad here, but nothing great either. Everything went well for what they tried, but this was just a bunch of moves to me.
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