Ibiza: The Silent Movie review – history for hedonists in bikinis

Julien Temple’s documentary mines the Spanish island’s past for nuggets of interest, but the facts that matter are clubbing and beaches

We get a scattering of semi-interesting facts in Julien Temple’s promo-video-style history of Ibiza, which is a “silent movie” in the sense that there is no voiceover or recorded speech, and occasional intertitles. It more resembles the director’s own previous collage experiments, an assemblage of archive material and tongue-in-cheek filmed reconstructions.

Temple has one nice gag: the island’s name was originally taken from Bes, the Egyptian god of fertility, hedonism and dance, and so Bez (from the Happy Mondays and Black Grape) gets a brief cameo playing Bes. Maybe the whole movie should have been centred on Bes/Bez, though that might have pushed Bez’s performance capabilities beyond their limits.
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