Film Review: ‘Blind Spot’ (L’angle mort)

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Film Review: ‘Blind Spot’ (L’angle mort)
If you thought David Dunn, Bruce Willis’ character from M. Night Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable,” was a melancholy superhero, he’s the life of the party compared to Dominick, a Parisian introvert whose power to turn invisible has made him profoundly unhappy in the French drama “Blind Spot.” The third feature from directing duo Patrick Mario Bernard and Pierre Trividic (“The Other One”) is an absorbing, minor-key take on a superhero saga that stealthily works in plenty of ideas about identity and loss. If the French film industry wants to get into the superhero game, this slow-moving but rewarding character study, which premiered earlier this year at Cannes’ ultra-indie Acid sidebar, could help create a promising niche when it opens in France this October. It’s a risky pickup for North America, but the potentially provocative choice of a black actor to play an invisible man could lead to free think-piece
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