The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cast Revisiting "The Body" Episode Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

Who says stars aren't just like us? Buffy the Vampire Slayer veteran Anthony Stewart Head took to Twitter to share his opinions after rewatching an episode of the acclaimed series. And it wasn't just any episode, it was the Buffy season five episode "The Body." "So I watched #TheBody again yesterday and I cried...several times. Quite the most beautiful and extraordinary piece of television. Written and directed by @joss it should have so many awards hanging around its neck - it was and still is groundbreaking x," Head, who played Buffy's mentor Rupert Giles, tweeted. His tweet didn't go unnoticed. Emma Caulfield Ford, Anya the former vengeance demon on Buffy, chimed in. "I remember...
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