Anime Review: Goblin Slayer (2018) by Takaharu Ozaki

One of the most hyped titles of the last year (it actually aired from October to December 2018), “Goblin Slayer” is based on dark fantasy light novel that first became a manga and then an anime. The main “selling point” of the title was that it was supposed to bring gore, and, in general, exploitation aesthetics to the RPG-style, medieval anime. Let us see if it succeeded.

In a world that could well be part of an RPG game, a human hero has recently defeated the armies of evil. However, the demons are still lurking around, and particularly goblins, who burn, pillage and rape wherever they. Various guilds give rewards to adventurers for exterminating demons, but no one seems to care about goblins, the lowest rank of the creatures, with the exception of one, the titular character. Goblin Slayer bares a deep grudge towards goblins and he has
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