Tribeca Review: ‘Framing John DeLorean’ is, Frustratingly, Two Interesting Films in One

We learn early in Framing John DeLorean that many films about the famed car maker have died on the vine in pre-production, yet Don Argot and Sheena Joyce try–with the help of Alec Baldwin, Morena Baccarin, Josh Charles, and make-up experts–to capture a guy that embodied the go-go 80s. The film is mildly successful at capturing the cult of personality from multiple sources including his son and daughter, his employees both in the U.S. and Ireland, TV appearances, and the surveillance video of an FBI sting that catapulted the playboy family man into infamy. The story is framed with reflective recreations with Baldwin and Baccarin playing, respectively, DeLorean and his model wife (25 years his junior) Cristina Ferrare.

Early in the film we’re teased by his son Zach that this story will have “cocaine, sports cars, bombs, hot chicks, Reagan, and Margaret Thatcher” and yet it’s
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