Cobra Kai Season 2 Review (Spoiler-Free)

The YouTube Premium smash hit manages to lose none of the first season’s charm. Our thoughts on Cobra Kai season 2...


This Cobra Kai season 2 review contains no spoilers.

It seems impossible, but it’s true. The second season of Cobra Kai -- the YouTube Premium series that catches up with The Karate Kid villain Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and hero Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) decades after that fateful match at the All-Valley Karate Championship -- is just as good as the first. That being said, season two, which premieres April 24th, is by no means a perfect product of the “peak TV” moment. It’s great television that manages to transform what could have been yet another nostalgia plot into some of the most exciting creative storytelling in recent memory, but that doesn’t mean it’s without issues.

Before we get into any of that, however, let
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