Somewhere over the Rainbow, bullets fly – Why Face/Off is the Best Action Movie of All Time

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On June 27th 1997, John Woo, director of Hong Kong action classics such as Hard Boiled (1992) and A Better Tomorrow (1986), released his third Hollywood film, following the relative success of Van-Damme vehicle Hard Target (1993), and nuclear-weapon-nonsense, Broken Arrow (1996). It was called Face/Off, and featured the twin-handed heavyweights of Oscar winner-come-blockbuster action hero Nicolas Cage, and Vincent Vega comeback kid, John Travolta, in a high-concept thriller so ridiculously brilliant, that any subsequent serpents on planes, or Jason Statham dicky-ticker actioners, feel tame by comparison.

To celebrate its premiere this Friday, the 19th of April on the Sony Movie Channel UK we look back at the two-faced legendary action movie.

Time appears to have consigned Face/Off to the so-bad-its-good section of the VHS library, which is the kind of dastardly act that Caster Troy would approve of. However, contextualising it for the ground-breaking genre film that it was, is important in underlining
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