Tales Of The Unexpected at 40: A Precursor To Inside No. 9 and Black Mirror

Alex Westthorp Apr 5, 2019

For its 40th anniversary, we revisit Roald Dahl's classic series that kept us guessing and inspired some modern anthology greats...

Tales Of The Unexpected was an anthology series of imaginative and compelling dramas each with a "twist in the tale" produced for the ITV network by Anglia Television. Anthology series on British television had been decidedly sci-fi orientated, hitherto, with the BBC series Out Of The Unknown (1965-71) capitalizing on the imported success of the granddaddy of them all, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone. The story has it that Anglia's Drama supremo Sir John Woolf had a chance meeting with Roald Dahl, master of macabre tall stories, at a Christmas party in 1976. Dahl asked Woolf, "How would you like to make a television series of my stories?" Woolf immediately saw the potential and commissioned Dahl to adapt some of his best stories for a series
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