Shadows Dancing: David Robert Mitchell Discusses "Under the Silver Lake"

  • MUBI
David Robert Mitchell's Under the Silver Lake (2018) is having its exclusive online premiere on Mubi in the United Kingdom. It is showing from March 15 - April 13, 2019.“All these holy trinities of women, thriving like plants under the heat of the city’s male gaze. Three, three, three…” So monotones a performance artist at a rooftop club named Purgatory, where guests are greeted by bikini-clad women proffering cherries. On stage the band Jesus & the (three!) Brides of Dracula sing their mysterious hit, while we eyeball a dancer in a figure-hugging bodysuit, adorned with balloons. Yup, the symbols are flying thick and fast. “But what does it all mean?” howls Sam, the louche antihero—himself drawn from a backlog of slacker and noir antiheroes—at several points in Under the Silver Lake. David Robert Mitchell’s third feature, after his sweet coming-of-age debut, The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010), and his break-out,
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